Facebook Ads & Remarketing

More than 900 million people visit Facebook every day, and Facebook is offering you the ability to advertise to them based on location, age, interests, and more! Many companies, big and small, have taken advantage of Facebook ads with great results. The results come from the ability to target users precisely with relevant ads.

Facebook Ads:


You can reach your target market with the following target options:

Location: Target prospects in your company’s province, city, or even those in a 10km radius around your business! Facebook gives you precise location targeting options that can be combined with other options to maximize the┬áreturn on your┬áinvestment.


Demographics: Age, gender, interest, languages, and even relationship status can be targeted on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, you probably know that people share a lot of information. Now you can use that information to show them ads that are relevant to them!


Behaviour: You know your customers best. Target customers based on what kind of phone they use, what charities they’ve donated to, and even if they own or lease their car! There are several behavioural profiles that Facebook has put together for you to use.


Connections: Want to reach out to your current fans’ friends? Facebook allows you to show ads to people who have liked your page, and their friends! It’s an easy way to find even more people who may be interested in your business.


Facebook Remarketing:

How often does your customer or prospective customer visit your site? Once a month? Once every two weeks? Did you know that 65% of Facebook users visit it daily? You can use this daily traffic to your advantage by using Facebook to invite your prospective customers to visit your site more often! Facebook remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have visited your website within a specified period of time. To make your ads even more relevant, you can target people who have visited specific pages on your websites with ads that reflect the product or service on that page. That’s right; You can show teeth whitening ads to prospective customers who have visited your website and clicked on the teeth whitening page!


Because users reach your website in a variety of ways, we recommend using Facebook remarketing alongside other marketing efforts such as search engine optimization, Google Adwords & remarketing, or Yahoo/Bing network ads.


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