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81% of shoppers research online before buying



Don’t miss out on potential customers by having an amazing website that isn’t being seen by your target market. Less than 10% of users click “Next” on Google search results (Protofuse). Avalanche Search Marketing uses a variety of tactics to get your website on to page 1 of Google, for keywords that your potential customers are actually searching for. Our search engine optimization process has been proven to work in many different markets including service providers (dentists, home inspectors and lawyers), manufacturers  (construction equipment and industrial supplies), and retail operations.


  1. Keyword Selection: It is our belief that the owner of the business knows their customers better than anyone. We bridge the gap between your best customers offline behaviour, and what similar potential customers are searching for online. We’ll work with you to create a list of keywords that your prospective customers are using and that will bring relevant traffic to your website.
  2. Website Audit: We’ll look over your website to see where we can make minor improvements to make your site more appealing to customers and search engines. We use industry benchmarks, competitor research, and more than a decade of experience to make your website out-shine your competitors’ in Google’s eyes.
  3. Content: We have a tried and tested content strategy to give your website a boost. Using the keywords we select together, we write content that Google loves—while still reflecting your company’s overall goals.
  4. Resource Building: If you know anything about search engine optimization, you’ve probably heard the term “link building” before. With Google’s increasingly complex algorithms, a high number of links just isn’t enough to get you ranked on page 1 anymore. The links must be correctly placed in the right context. We build a variety of references to your business and website through directories, industry websites, and exclusive websites you won’t see any of your competitors on.
  5. Ongoing Reporting and Support: Tweaking our strategy until we get the results we promise is an ongoing, relentless process. We typically send out reports every month to let you know how we’re doing with your project. Over time, Google (and other major search engines) change their algorithms to make their search results better. We are constantly evolving our techniques, and making sure our clients’ websites keep pace with the updates.


More about our SEO process:

  • All of our work is done in-house, meaning we don’t ship work out to other countries.
  • Want to help? We’ll give you tips that can turn your offline relationships into online success, bringing in new customers!
  • All of our SEO projects are equipped with Google Analytics, free of charge. This means you can view hundreds of reports showing you details of visitors to your website FREE!
  • Most of our clients are in Southwestern Ontario, but our strategy works everywhere. We’ve had success all over Canada, the U.S.A, and internationally.
  • Most SEO projects see results on Google within the first 6 months. We offer you other paid advertising options to show up on the top of Google in the meantime! You may even want to keep the paid advertising options once you’re at the top of Google organically to help convert customers that visit your website.

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