Full Website & External Analysis

Part of our Search Engine Optimization process is to first do a full website, competitive, and environmental analysis. Sometimes a company has enough resources available to get their website to the top of search websites, they just need a strategy. For this client, or a do-it-yourself type of person, we offer an internal and external analysis & strategy outline.


Here’s what it includes:


Competitive Analysis:

– What keywords are your competitors targeting?

– What strategies have your competitors implemented?

– What strategies haven’t been used by competitors, that you can beat them with?



External Analysis:

– What keywords will bring the most volume of traffic to your website?

– What strategies does Google favour in this industry? (Reviews, Links, Content, etc.)

– Where are other places your customers might be looking for you?



Internal Analysis:

– Where is your website now in terms of “competitiveness”?

– What can you do to get it to page 1?

– What other advertising platforms might be suitable for your company?



Our rate for this service is based on a pre-determined hourly rate depending on the number of keywords, intensity of the analysis, and industry. If you need help at any stage during the implementation phase, we’re happy to help (at the pre-determined rate)!

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